• What is your pricing?

Our design fee starts at $4 per page. Please inquire as a Professional Photographer for a complete price list, including info on our Loyalty and Referral programs! (If you're not a professional photographer, we may still be able to help you... please contact us for additional info!)

  •  Do you offer a discount for studio samples?

We strongly believe that you sell what you show... and we're happy to make it easy and cost-effective. We offer a 25% discount for studio sample designs, up to 2 uses per studio per year.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. Design fees are charged upon project submission.


  • What is your turnaround time?

5-7 business days, sometimes a bit less! We also offer a 48 hour 'rush' turnaround for a 50% surcharge. We have yet to miss a design deadline... Even in busy season, you can expect prompt and reliable service.

  • What kind of design style can I expect?

We specialize in Clean album design, but also offer a Boutique option for those looking for a bit more flare. Every design is 100% unique, created without the aid of templates.


Our most popular option. Images are showcased on all-white backgrounds, without additional graphic elements, for a beautiful and timeless look.


A variety of design techniques may be added to your custom design. These may include background images, fades, keyline borders, color bars or graphic elements in a subtle and tasteful layout style.

  • What album companies do you design for?

We can design for ANY album company or printer. Just let us know your preferred printer and album style upon ordering, and we'll be sure to design for the correct specs. (We're also happy to recommend a few of our favorites if you're undecided!)

  • How many revisions are included?

We strive for perfection with the first proof, but up to two rounds of revisions are included in our design fee. Additional rounds of revisions are available for $50 each.

  • How does your proofing system work?

Proofing is done online or with an emailed pdf... Just let us know your preference!


  • How many images should I send?

We recommend an average of 2-3 images per page for the most design flexibility. We're happy to accommodate more images if possible.

  • Can you help narrow down the images?

Absolutely! Please do your best to pick out the images you want included, but we're happy to narrow down a bit more if needed.

  • Do you provide color correction?

We do not provide color correction at this time, and ask that you please send images “album ready.” However, we are happy to be a second set of eyes, and check over your color during the design process. We will do a slight adjustment to color match images across a spread if needed.

  • Can you turn images black and white?

Absolutely! Give us the 'go ahead' when you place your order, and we'll convert images as needed for design.

  • What file type should I send?

Images should be submitted as high resolution .jpg files (quality 11 in Photoshop, or quality 92 in Lightroom). These settings will not impact the quality of your images, but will cut down on file size for ease of upload/download.

  • Do I need to put the images in order?

Please submit images in sequential order, and we'll adjust the order slightly if needed for design purposes. You do not need to specify which images should be grouped together.


  • How do I zip a file?

On a Mac: Select folder. On the top menu bar, select 'file' then 'compress.'

On a PC: Select folder. Right click and select 'send to' and then 'compressed folder'.

  • How do I send images?

Images may be uploaded via our site or a file transfer site (Dropbox or HighTail) of your own. For those with less reliable internet, we can also accept images that are mailed on a disc or flash drive.


  • What is the difference between pages/sides/spreads?

Every album company has their own twist on this, making it seem more complicated than it is! For simplicity's sake... A 'page' and a 'side' are synonymous. Two pages or sides together make up one spread.

  • Can my logo be included in the design?

Yes! In fact, we recommend it! Including a logo is subtle marketing for your studio with each person that your client shows the album to! Please include your logo in .psd, .png or pdf format with your image upload.

  • Where will my logo be placed in the design?

We usually recommend the back cover or last page for subtle logo placement. If you have a different preference, simply let us know!

  • Will your logo be included in the design?

Never! We're happy to be your silent design partner, and will never include a logo or reference to Studio Elle in your album!

  • Who will be designing my albums?

Lindsey Cox, Lead Designer, will personally design your album with attention to detail and unmatched experience that will 'wow' your clients. Even in busy season, you can expect prompt and reliable service.

  • Can I give input on the design?

You're able to give as little or as much input as you'd like! We're happy to take the reigns on design, or implement any ideas or input that you may have.

  • What type of files will I receive after the completion of the design?

High resolution jpeg files are included with each design order. Layered Photoshop files are available for $25 per album, and must be requested prior to start of a design order.

  • Will you place my album order?

Every album company has a very different ordering system, with a variety of album options. We'll provide 'album ready' design files, but the order placement for print/bind will be your responsibility to ensure that you are able to choose every option you desire.

  • This whole process overwhelms me. Can you help?

Absolutely! Albums can seem daunting... We'll make it easy and painless! Contact us, and we'll help you get started.

  • Do you offer design services for other projects?

We do occasionally offer design services for other projects (canvas collages, cards, promotional pieces, etc.) as time allows. Please contact us for a quote. We do not offer logo or website design, but are happy to refer some great options.