Studio Elle (formerly Red Boot Design) provides custom album design and templates for professional photographers. With varied backgrounds in graphic design, photography, marketing/branding and customer service, we're well-rounded and respected within the photography community. We love weddings, fleeting memories, solid design principles, and happy people... a pretty perfect combination for a design studio, huh?!

Lindsey Cox:

Lead Designer, and your main contact for Studio Elle (and formerly for Red Boot Design). With several years of high-volume experience, Lindsey has worked with photographers worldwide, and designed close to two-thousand (2000!!!) albums. Her design work has been featured by AsukaBook, Kevin Kubota, Professional Photographers of America, WHCC and WPPI. Lindsey's thoroughness, experience and attention to detail have lead to a long list of clients... and clients who have become great friends!

Doug Cox:

(Mr. Elle!) oversees business operations, and customer outreach. He's most-often the silent partner that makes things run smoothly in the background.

Our Team:

We're passionate about what we do, and have yet to miss a design deadline... Even in busy season, you can expect prompt and reliable service.

Studio Elle is located in Bend, Oregon. It's a small town in Central Oregon that's quickly gaining popularity with tourists for it's outdoor activities and craft breweries.